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Healing the psychological, social and cultural ills of migration

The world is rapidly changing- not only in terms of its urban infrastructure, but also, its social and cultural landscape. Almost every human being today is affected in one way or another, by globalizing processes. Air travel and telecommunications have together meticulously shrunken oceans and continents, and swallowed notions of time and space.

On a yearly basis, millions of people are pushed out of their villages, catapulted to the heart of urban jungles either by desire or by force. In the meantime, others dream about whether they would live happier lives somewhere else; the appeal of higher wages and a warless state embolden and propel their hearts to forever abandon their ancient rituals and their ancestor’s dwellings.


The prospect of moving away is almost always an exciting one. We easily romanticize what maybe going on, on the other side of the planet, or how our careers would look like if only we had that “abroad” experience.


But embarking on such an adventure can also make us extremely vulnerable. With no family, friends or even neighbours to turn to for support, along with a limited understanding of the local spoken language or bureaucratic system, migration can turn out to be a profoundly harrowing and isolating experience, resulting in a range of mental health struggles.


LIMINALITIES is an open-access digital platform that aims to address the intricacies inherent to socio-cultural transitions, by providing tailored grounding and guidance to individuals who may feel overwhelmed, frustrated and alienated while navigating a particularly challenging unfamiliar environment.

LIMINALITIES connects people with tools, resources, a social support system and professional intercultural/existential psychotherapists, to help the “transitioning self” understand the experience of transition to the fullest extent.

There is also the question of what happens afterwards- to the diaspora, the children of migrants, those who have migrated and juggle with multiple languages and identities. Who are they? How do they rearticulate their identities when these are torn between two extremes? What stories do they tell themselves to normalize their life experience? How do they build their communities?

With the help of poetry, articles, poetry, music, and film, LIMINALITIES endeavours to explore the idea of what it means to be “at home” in the world, and how the existential search for meaning, identity and authenticity may be flavoured by rhythm and metaphor. Its long-term vision is to transform the platform into a collaborative, international and multilingual resource.